I've appeared on pretty much every BBC News programme going...  BBC Breakfast, Newsround, BBC Online, the national bulletins, the News Channel....even the Ken Bruce Show on Radio 2.


I love Sports reporting too and have tried my hand at everything from basketball (my sport!) to Quidditch (I kid you not) on air. I've been to two Worlds Cups, went to the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in 2010 and Glasgow 2014, and I've reported on the Sailing for the 2012 London Olympics. I'm regularly sent to the football clubs across the UK - but mainly Southampton and Reading. And I love spending time reporting on the cricket, especially from Lords.



As well as reacting to breaking news I have also built my own stories up from the ground. I've uncovered a bogus charity trying to rip off ex-soldiers, I went to Paris to investigate new laws to protect young girls in the modelling industry and my piece on heart problems in babies led to a new diagnostic test being rolled out in hospitals across the UK. 


As well as hard news I have a reputation for being creative and I'll always try and make my reports as interesting, funny and enjoyable as possible if the story warrants it.


Hope you catch me on air!

I've been a TV News Correspondent now for over a decade and in that time I've worked on some of the biggest international and national stories across a huge range of television, radio and online programmes as well as the BBC’s online pages and social media.

I've always believed that people are the heart of a good news story and that reporting is not just an exercise in merely regurgitating facts.

I'm pretty technologically minded and I enjoy filming and editing my own pieces when I'm not chasing down very tight deadlines. I am a pretty handy picture editor on Final Cut Pro and even my iPhone and can turn material around quickly in the field and in the newsroom. I regularly edit on location and feedback via Wi-Fi or mobile signal.